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Frequently Asked Questions

How much iron does FERACCRU® contain?

Each FERACCRU® capsule contains 30 mg iron (as ferric maltol).1

Is FERACCRU® sugar-free?

No, FERACCRU® contains lactose which is a milk sugar.1

Are FERACCRU® capsules modified/prolonged release?

No, FERACCRU® capsules are an immediate-release formulation.1

Can you open FERACCRU® capsules?

FERACCRU® capsules should not be opened. They should be swallowed whole.1

Can you pour the contents of FERACCRU® capsules down a feeding/NGT/PEG tube?

FERACCRU® capsules should not be opened. They should be swallowed whole. We do not have any information on using FERACCRU® for this mode of administration.1

Can children take FERACCRU®?

The safety and efficacy of FERACCRU® in children (17 years & under) has not yet been established and so no data is available.1

Can you use FERACCRU® to treat IDA not caused by IBD?

Yes, FERACCRU® is licensed to treat iron deficiency, with or without anaemia.1

How should FERACCRU® be taken?

FERACCRU® should be taken whole on an empty stomach (with half a glass of water); do not take with food as this reduces the absorption of iron.1

Can FERACCRU® be used in patients with Hb <9.5g/dL?

FERACCRU® should not be used in IBD patients with haemoglobin <9.5g/dL. FERACCRU® has not been studied in these patients.1

Can patients take other vitamin or mineral supplements while on FERACCRU®?

The absorption of oral iron may be reduced by calcium and magnesium. They should be given at least 2 hours apart from FERACCRU®.1

Can I take this if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. Feraccru may be used during pregnancy if necessary and can be used during breastfeeding if prescribed.